Our Partners

Strong relationships with top tiered industry leaders

CU-ICAR’s worldwide reputation is a result of successful partnerships with leaders in the industry. By leveraging Clemson University’s extensive network, we are able to build bridges and open doors to new opportunities. Our students, research, economy and campus all reap the benefits of strategic partnerships.

Successful collaborations with key organizations drive CU-ICAR to achieve our mission to be the premier automotive and motorsports research and educational center in the world

Research Partners

Innovative investigation with a strategic business focus

One of the five partner categories at CU-ICAR are Research Partners – here twelve different business models exist for companies to interface with the University. The characteristics of each business model are well defined and examples are readily available. This “business-like” approach is well received by automotive companies and has resulted in exponential growth in research contributions.

  • $1

    million grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy's GATE division

  • 5

    strategic research areas

  • 4

    endowed chairs