Awards & Recognition


2012 SSTI Economic Development Award:

“CU-ICAR is a program that applies best practices in a consistent and intelligent manner and has yielded the measurable and meaningful results to prove it.”
– Dan Berglund President and CEO of State Science and Technology Institute.

Named 1 of 7 GATE Centers of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Department of Automotive Engineering received a $1 million competitive award from the Department of Energy’s Graduate Automotive Technology or GATE division. These funds are being used to establish a center for research and education in sustainable vehicle systems in the Department of Automotive Engineering.

“The $1 million GATE award will help our students learn to address fundamental issues of sustainability, such as vehicle life cycle, energy use and emissions, reliability, manufacturing and cost of ownership. The center will help our students gain the strength in innovation, which is the key to our automotive industry remaining competitive.”
– Imtiaz Haque