CU-ICAR Contacts

For information about educational and partnership opportunities with CU-ICAR and Clemson University, please contact our Main Office.

CU-ICAR Main Office

5 Research Drive
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: (864) 283-7100

CU-ICAR Leadership

Nick Rigas
CU-ICAR Executive Director

Zoran Filipi
Chair & Executive Director of Department of Automotive Engineering

CU-ICAR Departments

Media Inquiries

Ashley Boncimino
CU-ICAR Marketing Manager
Phone: 864-283-7131

Testing Services

Jim Potter
Senior Engineer
Phone: 864-283-7213

Dept. of Automotive Engineering

Cristina Shorts
Program Coordinator
Phone: 864-283-7210

Spencer Davenport
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 864-283-7230