Carroll A. Campbell Jr. Graduate Engineering Center


The Carroll A. Campbell Jr. Graduate Engineering Center (CGEC) received LEED-NC Silver certification. The 90,000-square-foot facility houses Clemson’s unique Masters and PhD graduate programs in automotive engineering

Sustainable Sites

Alternative Transportation: Through negotiations with the City of Greenville, the CGEC was able to reduce the required number of parking spaces per the current zoning ordinance by over 20% saving significant capital project funds and reducing the amount of impervious areas.

Water Efficiency

Innovative Wastewater Technologies: The CGEC uses 32% less potable water than baseline fixture performance requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Energy and Atmosphere

Optimize Energy Performance: All building systems have been fully commissioned by a third party in order to ensure accurate installation, start-up and maintenance.

Materials and Resources

Construction Waste Management: Over 75% of all construction waste was recycled including concrete, asphalt, paper, metal and cardboard. Over 1,820 Tons of waste recycled (over 3.5 million pounds).

Indoor Environmental Quality

Construction IAQ Management Plan: All ducts and permeable materials were protected against contamination during construction; all construction filtration media was replaced before occupancy. Low VOC paints, adhesives, carpet and sealants were used throughout the building.

LEED-CS® Pilot Project Gold 2005 – Building Statistics

Completion Date: January 2008
Cost: $48 Million
Size: 90,000 gross square feet
Footprint: 49,000 square feet
Construction Type: Laboratory & Office
Lot Size: 10 acres
Occupancy: 200